Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iPhone painting

This is an experiment in painting on the iPhone using the Brushes app. I bet it's much easier to work on an iPad but I kind of like that you really can't get too fussy making marks on the limited space of the iPhone. It's a nice constraint that forces you to think more about shapes and composition instead of detail.


Nat Zigal said...

This is cool! Your hand is way steadier than mine. Have you played with any of the Styluses? I recommend either the dagi or the icooly. The pogo wasn't as responsive as I would have liked.

Ramon Olivera said...

I'll have to check those styluses out. My hand isn't too steady, but to get relatively sharp corners I started painting elements on a blank layer, shaving corners with the eraser, then merging down (since there are only a few layers available).